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Panpilot Stabilization

The all new  Auxiliary Panpilot  & Tripod camera stabilizer with spring damper technology is for all video cameras up to 3 pounds. By using the Panpilot you will be able to obtain the smoothest shots with your video camera or DSLR. The material is made of light weight high grade aluminum with steel counter balance weights.  Parts and labor is made in the USA . Our company believes in keeping the production and materials within the United States. So please support a USA company.  You are able to WALK , RUN, or STOP and take a tripod shot. We back it with a ONE YEAR / PARTS & LABOR WARRANTY. 


"On behalf of Panpilot we hope you enjoy your new Panpilot  & Tripod and encourage all of you to capture the coolest video with your Panpilot to receive a spot on our website "

Panpilot is a registered trademark through the United States Patent

and Trademark office.  

- Eric Smith, CEO / Founder  

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