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This Panpilot is equipted with a Bogen 494 RC2 ball and socket head unit with quick release plate and 7 inch monitor.  The Panpilot is 18 inches tall and is for all cameras under 3 pounds.  Placed on the floor or table to achive the right shot.   Also, you are able to walk with the Panpilot to achive smooth fluid shots.   The Panpilot can be equipted with up to 6 cameras at once.   By doing this you can capture different views with the mounted cameras on just 1 take saving you tiime and money.   Also, Panpilot has an all new spring damper technology.   What that means is that you are able to hold the Panpilot with just one hand in a locked spring position or you can loosen up the spring to spin the Panpilot freely with your other hand.  To clean the Panpilot use a damp cloth.   

Panpilot Stabilizer with Monitor and Bogen Head Unit

  • The Panpilot Stabilizer is equipted with a Bogen 494 RC2 head unit with a quick release plate.   Also, a 7 inch monitor is included.   You are able to walk or use as a tripod on just about any shot you can imagine   The newest feature is the all new spring damper technology.  With this you are able to lock your shot and hold the Panpilot with only 1 hand or you can loosen the spring to be able to turn the Panpilot while holding the gimbal with your other hand.  

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